Client Testimonials

“My experience with Beth Brockish and the Kruse Company has been nothing less than stellar. As a first time home buyer, I knew little about the process and had even less to spend. I was apprehensive about enlisting the help of a buyers agent for fear they would push me to buy a property they would receive the highest commission on, instead of one that felt right for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

From day one, Beth made sure that I completely understood the buying process and that she was committed to finding the right home for me despite small amount I had to spend. Her listing database made the whole process easier. It gave me a single place to go to view all the current market listings for my price range. It allowed me to put them into “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” categories as well as track any changes in price that the property went through. When you start viewing properties, they all blend together and it is hard to keep them straight in your head. The flexibility of her listing database made it easy to keep track of which properties were new, which I’d already seen, and which needed further consideration.

Beth was an invaluable resource when viewing properties as well. She pointed out not only the benefits of each property, but also the future issues it might entail. This was especially helpful when I had to view properties alone. It is very difficult to take notes, photos, and also thoroughly inspect a property all at the same time. She was not afraid to crawl around in spidery basements to check the year of manufacture on water heaters and furnaces for me – not all agents would go that extra mile to make sure you knew all the facts about a potential property.

My search was long and exhaustive with a few stops and starts, but Beth never made me feel like a burden. She really did want to help me find the perfect home and was committed to doing whatever it took to get me there. When I finally found the right place, she was prompt in filing the paperwork and made sure to go through the contracts with me line by line so I completely understood the terms of the agreement. Buying a home is an exciting and scary process and Beth was with me every step of the way.

I ended up getting an amazing property for less than I expected to spend. I love my new home and would never have been able to get here without her help. I highly recommend Beth Brockish and the Kruse Company. What are you waiting for? Call them right now!”

~ Faye B., homeowner

“Beth Brockish was our real estate broker when we sold our home in Madison this past year. She is an outstanding and very competent professional. She is very trustworthy and always acted in our best interests and in accordance with our wishes. We could not have been happier. We are very grateful and happy that she helped us sell our home to the perfect buyer. She is an extremely experienced and skilled professional and always listens to the customer. Her strategies were reasonable and sound, and she always spoke with us to ensure she was representing what we, as sellers, wanted. We were also appreciative that she remained committed to selling our home during a difficult time in the market.

We were impressed with her dedication to her clients and her honest approach and commitment to us throughout the entire process. We have now known Beth Brockish for over seven years. She was the representative of the seller when we purchased the same home we sold with her, and we thought back then that if we were ever to sell our home, she was the person we would wish to represent us. She is an exceptional broker, a very nice and genuine person, and we highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or purchase a home. ”

~ Mariana and Stephen C.
“I can’t say enough good things about Beth Brockish and The Kruse Company! Probably the most telling is that I miss her since I bought my house and don’t get to see her anymore on a regular basis. How many people could say THAT about a realtor?! Beth was helpful, patient, persistent (I wanted to look a long time to get what I hoped to find), and very professional in all the transactions in the actual sale, but best of all,she was good company. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Buying a house was a big step for me, as a single woman, and she supported me every step of the way. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

~ Faye D.
“Working with Beth Brockish and the Kruse Company took the fear out of first-time home buying for me…all the details were attended to. Beth was very good about showing me homes in my price range, and was honest with me regarding what she thought of potential properties. I’ve owned my home for almost a year now and Beth is STILL willing to answer house related questions for me…you’re not just a client to her, you become a friend. I’ve recommended the Kruse Company to several of my friends and will continue to do so…it’s quality service that you can depend on.”

~ Mary B.
“Beth is great to work with.  As a first-time home buyer, I didn’t know anything, even though I thought I had done‘my research’. She walked us through everything and did it in an honest, patient, friendly, and down-to-earth way.   Beth isn’t your typical realtor, she is MUCH better!”

~ Cheryl F.
“Thank you Beth, and the Kruse Company for finding the perfect homes for our children.  Beth’s prompt, courteous, professionalism in the first home buying process was extremely helpful and very much appreciated. Our children are quite happy and comfortable in their new homes.”

~ Ed & Sharon M.
“I was actually referred to Beth Brockish by Tim Kruse the founder of The Kruse Company. I was concerned that I select someone who could ‘kid-glove’ the transaction as we were selling my family’s home of 32 years.Tim said that Beth would take care of us and she did. My mother (the most sensitive of my parents) continues to rave about the treatment she received from Beth and her husband Scott. I would not only use them again but I would sell their services to my closest friends. They are the type of agents that give real estate a good name.”

~ Maurice G.
“My wife and I were overwhelmed and a bit intimidated when we first began looking for a home in the Madison area. Beth was extremely patient with us and helped us believe that the right house for us was out there. She listened to us and did an excellent job helping us find what we were looking for. We are very pleased with the our new home as well as the quality of the service Beth provided along the way. She didn’t just sell us a house- she helped us buy one. I’d recommend Beth and the Kruse company to anyone.”

~ Matt B.
“We worked with Beth twice, both as buyers and sellers. Her relaxed professionalism made us feel comfortable and confident – like we were working with a friend. We’d use her again and again and again. She handled every detail from start to finish. All we had to do was pack the boxes. Knowledgeable. Confident. Genuine. Experienced. Honest. Focused.”

~ Steven & Kristin R.
“In the past ten years, the Kruse Company has helped us buy three houses and sell two, and each experience has been effective, efficient, and downright fun. Kruse Company owners and employees are among the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, so house hunting with them is a pleasure. Selling is even easier — The Kruse Company makes it downright painless! During our most recent sale, our aging house needed attention in a few areas, and the Kruse Company lined the right folks up and got the jobs done so fast we hardly knew it was happening. As busy and distracted parents of six young children, we are grateful to be connected with a realty company that we can really trust to address and track all the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts of real estate sales. We recommend Beth and her crew to anyone who’s trying to buy or sell a house.”

~ Joan & Patrick C.
“When we decided to sell our home and buy another to accommodate our growing family, we were unsure about whether to use a realtor or try to figure the process out on our own. At the recommendation of friends, we called Beth to talk about our options. Now we can’t imagine what we would have done without her! At every step along the way, Beth was completely committed to helping us find a new home that met our needs and budget, and to helping us sell our old home quickly and simply. She was available every time we had a question, and cared about us getting our new home almost as much as we did. We enthusiastically recommend her to everyone we meet, and will continue to do so, since her professionalism and concern for her clients is unmatched. Beth rocks!”

~ Brad & Cecelia K.
“Beth was a great help in purchasing our first home. I would never buy another home without her. She took time to listen to our needs and went out of her way to find listings for us. She made the scary and confusing process of buying a home feel easy and safe.”

~ David and Vicki F.
“We had the privilege of having Beth Brockish help us to find the final home we ever hoped to buy, and it had VERY specific criteria. We were seeking just the right house as “empty nesters”, and it had to have every single one of the things we wanted. It took us a while to find it, but Beth was always patiently calling us with, and sending us, all the new listings, week after week, after week…if there was something that was a possibility, she always made sure we saw it almost immediately–and she never lost her sense of humor, or thought we were crazy! She also saved us from some potentially terrible decisions with her wisdom and knowledge…and innate honesty. She provided us with excellent referrals for banks and mortgages and home inspectors; she was always available within a few minutes by cell phone or voice mail. She treats her clients as valued “friends”, and is very well grounded. She is experienced in all the aspects of real estate, and knows how to close a deal that is advantageous and equitable for her clients. We respect her as an extremely honest Business Professional who is totally and completely fair, and dedicated to her clients. She has built a fine and well -established business, using her talents and personal attention with each of her clients to make it the best Real Estate Firm in Madison.”

~ Eileen and Mark M.
“I met Beth at the Home Buyers Expo and she acted as a buyer’s representative for me when I bought my first house. I found her approach unique in that her priority was helping me find a home I would love vs. pushing for a sale. Her knowledge and insight to the workings of the realty world made the process go smoothly, and since it was my first experience with such a major purchase it was comforting to have Beth in my corner.”

~ Laurel F.
“Beth Brockish of the Kruse company did a great job helping us with the purchase of our first home…and of our second home…and with questions about our refinancing…and the list goes on. Whenever we’ve had questions about mortgages or interest rates or want to know who to call to get answers about anything related to real-estate, we always feel like we can call Beth. If she doesn’t know the answer, nine times out of ten she knows someone who does. We trust the Kruse Company and if they’re still around the next time we go looking, we’ll definitely give them our business.”

~ Tiffany and Utzi J.
“I had a meeting with Beth at 6pm one weeknight to discuss my ideal house. By 10am the next morning she dropped off at my desk at work about 70 listings for me to go through. I was impressed. I needed to find a small house with a large garage in a very short time frame (weeks). Overall she was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, schedule flexible, and helped me to find a wonderful space. I recommend Beth’s services often and look forward to buying and selling through her again!”

~ David N.
“Buying or selling a home is such a personal decision that you want someone personable, reliable and honest to help you through the decisions. I chose Beth as my agent because she was obviously interested in the human side of the real estate transaction. She was prompt, responsive and prepared when returning calls. She was careful with the contract and negotiations. I felt completely confident in her advice and I am very happy with the sale of my home. It went very quickly and I got the price I wanted! Beth and the Kruse Company went out of their way to make the sale and my move easy. If I had stayed in the area I would have asked Beth to be my buyer’s agent. Even though I moved back to the East coast, we have kept in touch, comparing notes in the home buying process here and there. I highly recommend Beth Brockish as a realtor.”

~ Mary P.
“Beth is a pleasure to work with and has a very comfortable approach to helping her clients. She is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. Unlike other real estate agents, Beth does not hurry things along at the sake of finding what the client wants. She does not put pressure on the client and always goes above and beyond the expectations of her clients! I will always look to Beth for my future real estate business, buying or selling my property.”

~ Amy P.
“As a FSBO seller when Beth Brockish acted as the buyer’s agent, I was impressed and delighted with Beth’s handling of the transaction. She worked hard on behalf of her buyers, yet made it clear she wanted the transaction to be a win-win situation for all concerned. She was efficient and straightforward. I already have recommended Beth to friends and colleagues in need of a buyer’s agent. I would use her services myself if I were in the market again as either a buyer or a seller.”

~ Grace B.F.

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